Electric fires. The alternative.

Not everywhere is suitable for the installation of a real stove, perhaps because there is no chimney flue for example. Electric fires – also known as electric fireplaces or flame-effect fires – are often an excellent alternative in such cases. Their versatility makes them ideal not only for private homes but also for restaurants, bars, lobbies and party venues. Increasing use is also being made of them in the events sector, to enhance winter display windows or to create an appealing store ambiance. Electric fires are very realistic when lit, although they remain cool during operation. Our satisfied customers also appreciate the easy handling:

  • Convenient: Switch on and off at the touch of a button via remote control.
  • Clean: No emissions, odours or mess. No regular maintenance required.
  • Safe: Electric fires stay cool – ideal where there are children and pets or in places with large numbers of people, e.g. in shops.
  • Low-cost: Once installed, electric fires are cheap to run. Electricity and water consumption (with OPTI-MYST cassettes only) are extremely low.

Take a general look at our product range.


Simply plug in and it's ready to use.

Buyers of electric fires need nothing more than a 220V power supply. The electric fireplaces can be free-standing or built into walls, architectural elements and even furniture. Installation is not subject to building regulations and can usually be carried out by a joiner, although more complex designs may be arranged on request.

Our specialists will be happy to advise you on the options for an electric fireplace and to help you choose the appropriate model for what you have in mind. Get in touch with us!



Unique fire experience with the E-One electric fireplace

The E-one model from Kalfire offers a particularly realistic effect fire thanks to its unique, innovative technology. The HD Flame Technology ensures an exceptional fire experience and atmospheric ambience.

With the remote control, the fire can be adjusted to individual wishes at the touch of a button: the flame height, the flame colour, the ember bed, the light colour and the sounds of the fire can be regulated at different levels. Even when the fire is not set, the inside of the fireplace can be illuminated, providing a cosy ambience.

E-one is available as a built-in or freestanding variant. This offers countless architectural possibilities to suit any interior design style.

Since the E-one fireplace does not require a smoke duct, it can be installed anywhere and is suitable for any room in the house, flat, restaurant, hotel lobby, hotel room, office building and public spaces.


Opti-myst cassettes. Realistic flame pattern thanks to complex technology.

Glowing embers, flickering flames, authentic crackling sounds and visible smoke. Modern electric fires such as our OPTI-MYST cassettes closely resemble a real fire – and yet they remain cool. How is this possible?

The realistic flame effect of electric fires is produced by the finely tuned interplay of a number of complex technologies. Artfully integrated LED lamps, for example, make the flames of the fire appear to dance and glow. The homely crackling sounds come from a speaker inside the appliance. These speakers are in virtually all of the products, although the volume can be adjusted or switched off as and when required. The deceptively real smoke is actually natural mist coming from a vaporiser. An OPTI-MYST electric fireplace thus acts as a humidifier, helping to improve the indoor climate if the air is dry.

Some of our OPTI-MYST cassettes can be coupled, which means that the fireplace can be extended to suit your preferences. It can also be connected to the water supply, so there is no need to replenish the water tank by hand.

All in all, OPTI-MYST cassettes are currently among the best electric fires on the market.


Ideal for a shop or display window

Ski chalets and that winter feeling in a shop or display window? No problem! An imitation stove with an electric fire will certainly catch the eye. It’s easy to install and absolutely safe for customers and passers-by, as it does not give off any heat. Shop staff will find it simple to operate, and it won’t take up any time. An electric fire thus offers plenty of scope for creative freedom when it comes to designing attractive sales areas.

Our reference: 2016 Christmas decoration of all GLOBUS stores under the heading “Swiss Christmas” (see illustration)!