Our promise.

Fire, once a vital foundation in the evolution of mankind, is still a valuable element today. Fire is warm, soothing and fascinating, turning your house into a home.

Since 1981 it has been our passion to design premium-quality fireplaces for you. Premium also means that our fireplaces look more attractive.

We make them with high-quality materials, ultra-modern technology, superb craftsmanship and real attention to detail, encapsulating our philosophy of combining form, material and function to be as perfect and timeless as possible.

Treat yourself to Attika fire culture in your home and enjoy quality of life, comfort and independence.

Erwin Hauenstein (proprietor) and Erich Hänni (CEO)



Attika fireplaces have won numerous international design prizes. And that doesn't happen by accident! Each of our new developments is accompanied by extensive colour and form studies as well as a whole series of comprehensive tests and trial operations. In keeping with our claim to premium quality, we strive for the perfect combination of design, material and function in line with Swiss standards. When others are satisfied, we keep on thinking. Not only do Attika stoves have a timeless beauty, therefore: they are also more functional and user-friendly in everyday use.


CleverAIR technology.

CleverAIR™ is our invention designed to conveniently regulate the air supply – meaning you don't have to. In fact, all you need to do is put in dry wood and light it – the technology handles the rest!

When it comes to operating a stove, the CleverAIR™ automatic combustion control system is of significant benefit to the environment as it eliminates the sort of handling errors that can arise when setting the fresh air supply manually. This reliable technology guarantees that the fire box is automatically supplied with exactly the right mix of primary, secondary and tertiary air in every phase of combustion. Emissions of particulate matter and CO are kept to a minimum as a result of this optimised combustion and are therefore hardly measurable.

Thanks to the reliability of thermostatic bimetals, the CleverAIR™ control unit designed by Attika is fault and maintenance-free with the correct firing method. CleverAIR™ is a purely mechanical system and removing the need for electric power. The insert is located inside the stove and has no impact whatsoever on the exterior design.



Are you prepared for the future? You will find all the stoves with CleverAIR™ in our stove finder.


ElectronicAIR Technology.

Like CleverAIR™, ElectronicAIR™ is a future-focused automatic combustion control system. As its name suggests, this system uses intelligent electronics to control air intake. The controls regulate the air intake for you, and supply the fire with the correct air mixture in each combustion phase, 100% automatically. It’s no longer necessary to adjust the air vent manually – all you need to do is lay dry wood and light it, and the technology will do the rest. This automatic electronic air intake technology results in permanently very low emissions in terms of fine dust and CO.

Another practical feature is the remote control, giving you an easy way to manually adapt air regulation when needed (for example in a storm).

For the first time, ElectronicAIR™ is available for the premium PILAR stoves launched in 2019.


Self-locking system©.

Really good design and genuine user-friendliness are often only revealed in the inconspicuous details that make day-to-day handling easier – in the Self-Locking-System© developed in Switzerland by our designers, for example. A gentle pull (or slight thumb pressure on some models) and the fire box door is easily opened in an ergonomic sequence of movements. When released it quietly slips back into the catch automatically before locking securely. For you, this means the ultimate convenience with maximum safety.

Nearly all our stoves are fitted with the practical Self-Locking-System©. Make sure you follow the relevant pictogram.


Customized concept.

The Attika Customized concept in the CARO, VIVA L, NEXO and MAX 600 series leaves you completely free to design your own stove. The idea is simple: choose from a whole series of freely combinable components to assemble the stove that is most to your liking and a perfect match with the style of your furnishings. Choose from one of six modern Scandinavian-style colours: white, mocha, platinum, nickel, sand or black. For wood-burning stoves, there are seven different elegant door handles to choose from. There are also various door designs: with or without side windows, in the stove's lacquer colour or as a full-glass door. Even flue pipes can be ordered to match the stove colour and - for individual room planning - the stove can be supplemented with a stylish bench. Each stove thus becomes a unique piece, fully tailored to your individual requirements.

With VIVA 100 L, VIVA 120 L, VIVA 140 LVIVA 160 L, NEXO 100, NEXO 120, NEXO 140, NEXO 160 and NEXO 185Attika Customized will even allow you to decide how you would rather regulate the air supply to light your fire: manually or with CleverAIR? The advanced stove PILAR also offers ElectronicAIR - the electronic air control.

Attika Customized is only available from Attika! As well as VIVA L and NEXO (wood and gas) as well as CARO and MAX 600, the concept can also be applied to a limited extent to the stoves PILAR, Q-BE, Q-BE XL, Q-TEE, Q-TEE 2 C and JUNO L.



What would your very own personal dream stove look like? Click through our handy online configurator and change colours, doors, top plates and much more...


Flue tubes in stove colour.

The design does not stop with the stove. Matching flue tubes in stove colour complete the design of your fireplace. All Attika wood and gas stoves are available with a matching flue tube in stove colour.


The cleanest fire in the world!

bionic fire™ is the product of many years of intensive research in pursuit of the vision to create the world's cleanest stove. Today bionic fire™ is the most intelligent, most convenient and cleanest way of heating a room with wood and the winner of three major awards for ecological design.

Thanks to innovative technology, bionic fire™ burns with two fires – one above and one below. This special form of afterburning makes the stove, which was created in collaboration with German innovation consultants at the Global Mind Network, one of the cleanest wood burners in the world: 86% efficiency, 4 mg particulate matter, 302 mg CO. These are the best values ever measured by the Danish Technological Institute, an accredited testing centre.

It's simply more convenient to light a bionic fire™ than a conventional afterburn stove on which the actual afterburning still has to be set manually. bionic fire™ has its own specially developed intelligent automatic changeover system, which activates afterburning in the lower fire box at exactly the right moment once the wood is sufficiently ablaze and reliably controls the air supply from A to Z. The automatic changeover system uses the natural physical properties of thermostatic bimetals, which have been proven a million times over, and ensures that bionic fire™ burns cleanly and efficiently at all times. You on the other hand can enjoy your fire without going to any trouble: simply load it with wood and light it. The technology will do the rest!


Heat reserve insert©.

For many of our stoves, the Attika heat reserve insert©, made of soapstone or fireclay, is an additional option for saving energy. It is a natural characteristic of both soapstone and fireclay to absorb heat and retain it for a period of time (heat store). That means the inserts stay nice and warm, even when the stove has been extinguished. The result? You enjoy hours of healthy radiated heat from only a minimum of wood. This dosed output of heat from a stove makes perfect sense if demand is low, for example in well-insulated buildings (Minergie house, low-energy house, climate-controlled house).

Incidentally, the Q-TEE 2 C SOAPSTONE, COLUNA and JUNO L storage heating stoves are made of soapstone and possess maximum storage capacity. Each of these storage heating stoves can emit the energy transferred from the fire to the stone into the living room as mild radiated heat for up to 15 hours.

If heat storage is also important to you, then you can use our stove finder to choose your stove with heat reserve insert©.


Revolving console.

Attika stoves provide the greatest possible view of the captivating fire. The revolving console on most models means it couldn't be easier to enlarge this by up to 360°, allowing you to enjoy the fire in your living space from every angle, wherever you are.

Each of our revolving consoles is precisely attuned to the corresponding stove. The high-quality roller bearings or ball bearings ensure that they run smoothly with virtually no noise.

We have developed a special flue tube set with swivel mechanism and damper for our stoves with revolving console in order to ensure a full 360° turn at any connection point.

You will find all the stoves that are available with a revolving console in our stove finder.


Quality panels from SCHOTT ROBAX®.

The SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing panels of our stoves are particularly safe thanks to their extremely low thermal expansion. They can be exposed to enormous transient temperatures of up to 760 °C and withstand considerable heat and cold shocks. These remarkable properties and the extremely long lifespan are what enable SCHOTT ROBAX® to guarantee full protection against flying sparks and true enjoyment of the fire in Attika stoves. Fire viewing panels - ENGINEERED IN GERMANY.


Glass cleaning.

To make sure you can enjoy a clear view of the dancing flames through the glass ceramic, our sophisticated cleaning system conducts preheated combustion air through the fire box into the combustion chamber, where it cleans the glass ceramic panel from the inside as a continuous draught and keeps it largely free of soot.

The glass cleaning system comes as standard with every Attika stove and is one of the reasons why our stoves are visibly more attractive.


The Unique ADVANCED GLASS CONCEPT© from Attika.

Attika fireplaces are known for their soot-free fire glass and the uniquely beautiful view of the fire that they offer. The secret behind this quality advantage is our approach to combustion chamber glazing as a holistic concept.

With this in mind, we conduct a series of sophisticated tests for each individual fireplace to ascertain the right blend of glass-types that will guarantee a perfect view of the fire, as well as significant heat output. Our range includes double glazing and special infrared coatings. We are uncompromising, using only the highest-performing glass ceramic panes available on the market.

The ADVANCED GLASS CONCEPT©. For a fire that burns perfectly, and looks exactly as you imagine.

Advanced Glass Concept

Infrared coating & double glazing : An important component of the ADVANCED GLASS CONCEPT©.

Infrared coating and double glazing are part of the ADVANCED GLASS CONCEPT©.

An infrared-coated glass ceramic pane reflects 7 times as much heat radiation back into the combustion chamber as traditional fire glasses do. This increases the combustion temperature, resulting in enhanced energy efficiency, a lower level of wood consumption, excellent emissions values, cleaner panes, and beautiful flames.

Double glazing reduces heat radiation to the outside and prevents living spaces from overheating in low-energy buildings and Passivhaus buildings. Thanks to moderate radiant heat, a constantly pleasant living space temperature is guaranteed, even with large fire glass panels.

Infrarotbeschichtung & Doppelverglasung bei Keramikglasscheiben

AIR system.

Attika stoves can be installed in low-energy and Minergie houses without a problem thanks to the AIR system. The AIR system is a controlled method for feeding in external combustion air and was specially developed for use in living spaces with a very compact design and/or controlled room ventilation. Once connected to the AIR system, your stove will burn in a "closed circuit" regardless of the ambient air, ensuring a perfect fire even in living spaces with negative pressure of up to 4 Pascals. In Germany most of our stoves comply with the stringent requirements of the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt).

Depending on the model and structural factors, the AIR system supplies fresh air through an exterior wall behind the stove or directly through the floor. Our AIR installation set was specially developed in-house so that this connection can be set up to look suitably discreet.

Operating a stove using natural, bio or liquefied petroleum gas.

Many of our stoves also come with a gas burner for use with naturalgas, biogas, bio-propane or propane gas – because gas has a future as a fuel. Even today, gas stoves are a plausible alternative to pellet stoves! They heat with a beautiful flame display and offer the capacity you want, without requiring an electrical connection.

Thanks to their own especially advanced burner technology, Attika gas stoves can produce a flame display that is more realistic than has ever been achieved before. Why not take a look at our flame video?

We never compromise when it comes to quality or product finish, and so our gas stoves are built from the same materials as our wood-burning stoves: steel plates in thicknesses up to 5 mm. That makes Attika gas stoves considerably more robust than comparable products.

gas-feuerstellen von attika

Natural stone cladding.

Wood-burning stoves with soapstone or natural stone «Porto» cladding bring a cosy atmosphere to any room and are absolutely timeless. The elegant natural stone «Porto» or nobly polished soapstone harmonises with any style - whether with modern or classic design of stoves. The dynamic structure of the stone blends in well with its surroundings and fits into a chalet as well as a new building. As a natural product, each model is unique! The colouring and structure-defining effect is slightly different for each stove. Stone also has an exciting property: it is a heat accumulator. It absorbs the heat of the fire and then releases it into the room over several hours - even long after the fire has been extinguished.


Cool-touch door handle.

The cool-touch door handle does away with the need for gloves and lets you operate the stove with your bare hands at any time. Over the years, thousands of satisfied customers have appreciated the convenience of this unique feature, which is fitted on many Attika stoves.