Award-winning Premium-quality gas fireplaces.

With over 10 years of experience on the market for gas fireplaces and free-standing gas stoves, we are your specialist when it comes to beautiful gas fires with style. Premium materials, precise processing, cutting-edge combustion technology, and consistent quality control guarantee excellent functionality and consistently reliable operation.

Our broad product range – starting from small, free-standing gas stoves to an impressive 160-centimetre gas fireplace insert – offers a vast array of opportunities to fulfil your own personalised architectural designs. Our unique service offering comprises consultancy, engineering, commissioning (Switzerland only), maintenance (Switzerland only), and effective customer service within and outside Switzerland.

The VISIO GAS product line is the winner of the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 in the «Excellent Product Design» category.

Bring your dream fire home with a gas fireplace from Attika!

VISIO GAS Kamineinsatz, Gasfeuerstelle in Premium-Qualität

The most beautiful gas fire at the push of a button.

All of our gas fireplaces feature a true-to-life and beautiful flame pattern. The integrated coal burners and wood burners in our products feature incomparably realistic and pleasantly quiet gas flames. The flames can be freely controlled via remote control or app, and can be switched on or off at the press of a button. A special extra highlight is our realistic imitation embers. This effect is achieved with the LEDglow function and is included in most of our gas fireplaces. It offers a range of adjustable light modes and perfectly completes the fireplace’s stylish flame pattern. Take a look at the VISIO FRONT to see an example of the impressive flames.

Extremely easy to use.

Whether via the remote control delivered as standard or the attika Fire app, you have control of the fire! The flame height – and with it the heating output and gas consumption – can be freely controlled at any time. You can also switch on the LEDglow function at the push of a button. In addition, programmable thermostat and timer functions offer all the convenience that you expect in everyday use. The ECO MODE function is both very popular and practical. This program intermittently changes the flame height on a fully automatic basis, meaning you can enjoy an even more realistic fire, with reduced gas consumption.

These functions are available for almost all of our gas fireplaces. The optional attika Fire app requires an internet connection and the Wi-Fi box.

Maximum design freedom for planners.

Our range of gas fireplaces covers a variety of sizes and shapes that mean that almost any architectural intention can be fulfilled. The various frame options made from steel or stainless steel, which can be freely selected, are particularly highly regarded by architects. These make it possible for the gas fireplace insert to be visually aligned with any custom furnishing style. An alternative option is frameless installation, with the designer frame omitted. This enables very sleek and minimalist mounting, with a seamless transition from the fireproof cladding materials to the fireplace itself.

Imitation logs that look like real wood.

We believe that the combustion chamber in a gas fireplace should not look artificial when the fire is not burning either. For this reason, we have put a great deal of work into the development of realistic, premium ceramic imitation logs that simply look better, for our VISIO model series and the freestanding stoves. These are painstakingly produced by hand, including a great deal of detail. On the combustion chamber base in the gas fireplace inserts, an ingenious composition of ceramic chips, filaments, and small glass stones ensures deceivingly realistic embers and cosy smouldering effects.

Gas stoves.

Featuring steel plates that are up to 5 mm thick, freestanding gas stoves from Attika are built to be significantly more robust than comparable products. Cutting-edge combustion technology means that they offer extremely beautiful and fascinating flame patterns – without even requiring a power connection. Take a look at the most beautiful gas fire based on the example of the VIVA L GAS in our Flames video!

The distinctive, multi-award-winning insignia of the Attika designers can be seen in each of our gas stoves. Within the framework of the "CUSTOMIZED" concept, our gas-operated stoves can be individually adapted to your living space. We offer various stylish colours. In addition, depending on the model, different tops and/or side windows can be combined in a modular way on request.

Details that make the difference.

We constantly refine our gas equipment down to the finest detail, in every respect. All of our gas fireplaces are designed in such a way that technical components are accessible with minimum effort and with virtually no tools required in the event of maintenance or repair work. Beautifully designed convection covers and matching service doors are available to facilitate stylish installation of our gas fireplace inserts. To prevent reflections in light-intensive rooms, we also offer anti-reflection panes as an optional extra. All current gas fireplaces operate independently of the room air, making these devices ideal for air-tight living spaces (e.g. Minergie, low-energy house).

Gas fires: safe and clean.

Attika gas fires are environmentally friendly and clean as they run on natural gas, bio gas, bio-propane or propane gas, depending on requirements and space. Gas does not produce particulate matter or soot during the combustion process. Solid technology and various safety devices such as overpressure doors, ionisation measurements and safety shutdown systems make Attika gas fires the safest of those currently available on the market. All our gas fireplaces have the CE mark and have been tested and approved by the SVGW (Swiss Gas and Water Association).

Trend for gas fires in the catering industry.

Well-known hotels and restaurants rely on Attika. This includes the multiple award-winning Hotel of the Year 2017, The Chedi in Andermatt, which has over 200 indoor and outdoor Attika gas fireplaces.

Take a look at our installations in the hotels sector.