Technical requirements for operating a gas fireplace

Gas connection, electrical connection (220V), chimney connection and please adhere to cantonal fire police regulations in the same way as for traditional fireplaces and exhaust gas pipes.

Operating Costs

Consumption and operating costs for gas fireplaces are surprisingly low. An hour of heat generated by a gas fireplace costs less than CHF 1.-.

  • Energy-saving thanks to condensation and modulation technology and heat recovery
  • Easy to combine with renewable energy
  • Cost-effective and space-saving appliances for your heating
  • Low maintenance thanks to clean combustion
  • Relaible supply due to long-term contracts with reliable partners and eleven points of delivery around the Swiss border

Gas suppliers, natural gas connection

Approximately 90 municipal enterprises or public utilities are responsible for regional gas distribution in Switzerland. There are more than 2800 communities in Switzerland. Around 800 of them are connected to natural gas supplies. The Swiss gas distribution system is continously being expanded and developed. Local natural gas supply companies are responsible for the expansion of the local gas distribution network.

Natural gas - energy for the future

Ideas and projects abound. But not all of them are fully worked out or ready for implementation. Therefore, always check with your regional gas supplier to see whether network expansion is planned. There are also various liquid gas suppliers on the market. You can find further information at