Our fireplaces are known for their perfect finish and long service life. To guarantee this, we only use selected, high-quality materials and raw materials. This means that we use thicker and therefore more stable steel plates than is customary in the industry. We are in the first place when it comes to firing technology, not only in terms of the environment, but also with an aesthetic flame pattern without sooty panes. No product leaves our premises without meticulous production and quality controls.


Attika fireplaces have won numerous international design prizes. And that doesn't happen by accident! Each of our new developments is accompanied by extensive colour and form studies as well as a whole series of comprehensive tests and trial operations. In keeping with our claim to premium quality, we strive for the perfect combination of design, material and function in line with Swiss standards. When others are satisfied, we keep on thinking. Not only do Attika stoves have a timeless beauty, therefore: they are also more functional and user-friendly in everyday use.

The latest design awards:​

Red Dot: Best of the Best 2021: MAX 600
Red Dot Design Award 2017: VIVA L Serie
Bundespreis Ecodesign 2013, Green Product Award 2013/2014: bionic fire



Attika is synonymous with a beautiful, expressive flame pattern as well as a clean fire in both wood and gas fireplaces.

Our wood fires

Attika wood stoves and wood fireplace inserts/fireplaces will bring you a fantastic fire that inspires.

Pioneering firing technology from Attika such as CleverAIRTM and ElectronicAIRTM, which automatically provide the fire with precisely the right air mix in each combustion phase, guarantee extremely low emissions levels with respect to particulates and carbon monoxide. In addition, stoves featuring this technology need less wood – simply because the technology never fails to cut back the infeed of fresh air. With bionic fireTM, we have ultimately set new standards in the area of even more sustainable combustion technology, and as such are proud to have achieved the cleanest fire in the world.

Attika fireplaces are also known for their rust-free fire protection panes, a quality advantage attained through our approach to combustion chamber glazing as a holistic concept. We conduct a series of sophisticated tests for each individual fireplace to ascertain the right blend of glass-types that will guarantee a perfect view of the fire, as well as significant heat output. Our range includes double glazing and special infrared coatings. We are uncompromising, using only the highest-performing ceramic glass panes available on the market. The Advanced Glass Concept©. For a wood fire that burns perfectly, and looks exactly as you want it to.

Our gas fires

All of our gas fireplaces feature a true-to-life and beautiful flame pattern. The integrated coal burners and wood burners in our products feature incomparably realistic and pleasantly quiet gas flames. The flames can be freely controlled via remote control or app, and can be switched on or off at the press of a button. A special extra highlight is our realistic imitation embers. This effect is achieved with the LEDglow function and is included in most of our gas fireplaces. It offers a range of adjustable light modes and perfectly completes the fireplace’s stylish flame pattern.