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Please select a shape.


Please select a material for the surface finish.


Please select a height.

When choosing the height of your stove, make sure it fits in with the ceiling height and any existing furniture in the room where it is to be installed.


Revolvability yes/no.

Many of our stoves are fitted with a revolving console and can be rotated by up to 360°. This option makes sense if you wish to enjoy the best possible view of your fire from a number of vantage points (e.g. from the dining table and the sofa).


Heat output high/low.

A high heat output is recommended if a stove is required to warm up a room quickly and noticeably, and it is part of the heating concept. On the other hand, a low heat output is generally recommended in modern, wellinsulated living spaces (e.g. low-energy houses) or if the stove is required to create a cosy setting and is not part of the heating concept.


Heat reserve insert © yes/no.

Heat reserve inert ©, absorbs the heat of the fire and emits it into the living room for longer. This increases the energy-efficiency of a stove and lowers the amount of wood it uses. A stove without a heat reserve module rapidly emits so-called "convective heat" directly into the living room.


Automatic combustion control: yes/no

Attika develops automatic combustion controls such as CleverAIR™ and ElectronicAIR™ so that you never to worry about ensuring the right level of air intake. In stoves without CleverAIR™ or ElectronicAIR™, the air intake is adjusted using an air vent on the stove.

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