Need a spare part? Here's what to do:

Contact the Attika dealer from whom you bought your fireplace. Your dealer will determine the right spare part for you, order it and generally also fit it.


To ensure your dealer can order the right part, you will need to provide the following information (the more the better):

  • The name of the stove
  • The year the stove was built
  • The serial no. (shown on the stove or type plate)
  • Photos of the stove – a complete view and a detail view
  • The invoice/proof of purchase for the stove from your dealer


If you don’t know who originally sold and installed your Attika fireplace (e.g. because you bought a property with an existing stove), or if your dealer has since closed, please contact an open Attika dealer in your area. You can see an overview here.


Please note the distinction between wearing parts and spare parts:

Wearing parts
These are components that are exposed to stresses in the normal use of the stove and consequently wear down over time (seals, fire box linings, etc.). Wearing parts are always subject to a charge, like the oil or tyres of a car.

Spare parts
These are components that do not suffer any damage if the fireplace is used properly. In the event of a defect, ask the dealer whether it is covered by the warranty. If a warranty claim is accepted, Attika will decide how the damage is rectified. In the case of repair, the dealer will ensure it is carried out properly.