NEXO 140 stove

The AIR-System is a controlled method for feeding in external air (model-specific connection at rear/below); it is particularly suitable for low-energy or Minergie houses.

Stove with revolving console (sometimes optional) with rotation up to 360°.

Heat reserve insert© made of soapstone or fireclay, invisible, for long-lasting heat output.

The SLS Self-Locking-System© ensures that the fire box door closes entirely automatically when released.

Stove with cool door handle that can be operated by hand at any time - no gloves required!

Stove not dependent on ambient air, tested by the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

Storage mode or rapid convection heat? This can be set infinitely using the convection air damper.

CleverAIR, the fully automatic air control system, sets new standards in ecology and user convenience.

Personalised door handle. Choose from 6 high-grade options.

Infrared-coated ceramic glass panes allow you to enjoy a fire that uses less wood and ensures that the panes of glass remain even clearer.

These fires are also available for use with natural or liquefied petroleum gas.

Energy efficiency class.

Highly efficient and always unique

Like all stoves of the NEXO series, NEXO 140 is rich in variants. Choose from 6 noble colours, 6 designer door handles, steel door or glass door and many other components. With the successful Customized Concept from Attika, you can put together your very own personal stove. Two side windows or a side window, for which the NEXO 140 is ideal as a corner version, provide an even better view of the blazing fire. The optional heat reserve insert (40 kg) supports the release of healthy radiant heat, which is released to the living area over several hours and provides even more comfort. The optional side benches also offer enjoyable hours at the stove.

NEXO 140 is available in the other sizes NEXO 100, NEXO 120 and NEXO 160.

NEXO 100NEXO 120, NEXO 140, NEXO 160 have been honoured with the prestigious GERMAN DESIGN AWARD.