VISIO TUNNEL Gas fireplace

The AIR-System is a controlled method for feeding in external air (model-specific connection at rear/below); it is particularly suitable for low-energy or Minergie houses.

Stove with revolving console (sometimes optional) with rotation up to 360°.

Heat reserve insert© made of soapstone or fireclay, invisible, for long-lasting heat output.

The SLS Self-Locking-System© ensures that the fire box door closes entirely automatically when released.

Stove with cool door handle that can be operated by hand at any time - no gloves required!

Stove not dependent on ambient air, tested by the DIBt (Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik).

Storage mode or rapid convection heat? This can be set infinitely using the convection air damper.

CleverAIR, the fully automatic air control system, sets new standards in ecology and user convenience.

Personalised door handle. Choose from 6 high-grade options.

These fires are also available for use with natural or liquefied petroleum gas.

Fireplace with doubleglazing. Enjoy all the advantages of the Advanced Glass Concept © .

Fireplace with infraredcoated ceramic glass. Enjoy all the advantages of the Advanced Glass Concept © .

Fireplace with doubleglazing and infraredcoated ceramic glass. Enjoy all the advantages of the Advanced Glass Concept © .

New, holistically designed fire protection panes. Enjoy all the advantages of the Advanced Glass Concept©.

ElectronicAIR™ is the new electronic air control system that automatically controls your fire using temperature sensors.

Energy efficiency class.

A gas fireplace insert with a view

Our VISIO TUNNEL gas fireplaces offer an unobstructed view through. They are perfect for creatively dividing rooms, or connecting them in ways that are aesthetically effective and stylish.

All VISIO gas fireplaces offer a beautiful fire with natural-looking, authentic flames at the touch of a button. You can freely adjust the height and heat output at any time, using the attika Fire app or a handy remote control. The ECO MODE function makes it possible to experience the joy of a living fire, creating a varied and irregular pattern of flame heights and also reducing gas consumption by up to 40%.

The incomparable VISIO GAS flames are generated using innovative coal- and wood-burning technology. LEDglow produces realistic imitation embers, which can be separately switched on and off. One special feature of the VISIO GAS range is its detailed imitation logs, which are so deceptively realistic-looking that the combustion chamber still looks convincing even when the fire is not burning.

VISIO fireplace inserts are available with black steel or stainless steel design frames. They can also be installed without a frame, for an uncluttered alternative that results in a minimalist, virtually seamless transition from the non-combustible cladding materials to the glass pane.

The optional anti-reflective coating on the glass pane through which the fire is viewed effectively prevents reflections and also ensures a perfect view of the gas fire.

All VISIO gas fireplaces can be operated using natural or propane gas. The Simple Locking System makes easy, tool-free removal of the glass pane possible for maintenance work.

VISIO Tunnel models are available in widths of 70 cm, 90 cm and 100 cm. Are you looking for some extra dimension? Why not draw inspiration from the FRONT, CORNER, 3-SIDED and ROOM DIVIDER product pages?

VISIO GAS is the winner of the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2020 in the category «Excellent Product Design».