eSENSE Living Electric fire attika

eSENSE Living - the electric fireplace anywhere

No fireplace connection? No reason to do without the cosiness of a living room fire. Electric fireplaces are a good alternative to the classic wood fire and can be installed in any room. Especially the electric fireplace eSENSE Living, which is directly integrated into a furniture unit. Whether in the bedroom, kitchen, conservatory or living room: the effect fire conjures up a cosy atmosphere in the room and can be started up directly and easily. Also in hotel lobbies, bars, restaurants and wellness oases, the flames consisting of water vapour with LED light have an inviting and relaxing effect. Moreover, they are practical because they provide moisture and thus have a positive effect on the room climate. With 220 watts per unit (Cassette 500), the effect fire consumes very little power and produces no heat.

In addition to the eSENSE Living, the eSENSE Single fulfils further design wishes as an individually installable cassette.