E-One 100F Electric fire Kalfire

Matchless fire experience

Thanks to its compact installation dimensions, the built-in model of the E-one series is suitable for diverse and individual customised installation projects. Whether in the living room, office, restaurant, hotel room or in a hotel lobby - the beautiful flame image radiates a cosy atmosphere. Even when the fireplace is switched off, it attracts attention with its adjustable mood lighting and realistic ceramic logs. An optional heating element is available for the built-in model by E-one, which radiates heat and can be switched on or off.

The models of the E-one series are sustainable, electric decorative fireplaces with a beautiful flame pattern, simple design and high quality. Since no flue system is required, the fireplace can be used in various locations.


E-one is very easy to use and can be set according to the user's wishes. E-one offers the following setting options:

  • Adjustable flame height with 1 - 5 steps
    Level 6 is the random mode, which generates the electric flames dynamically
  • Switchable lighting with intensity levels from 1 - 5 levels for shadow effects on the logs
    Level 6 is the random mode, which creates dynamic flicker effects
  • 3 verschiedene einstellbare Flammenfarben mit Anpassung der Intensität der Flammen
  • 3 different adjustable flame colours with adjustment of the intensity of the flame
    Level 6 is the random mode, in which the intensity of the glow bed changes regularly
  • 2 different switchable tones, which can be regulated in volume between 1 - 5 levels
  • When the fireplace is in stand-by mode, the inside of the fireplace can be illuminated and thus offers a beautiful view of the logs


E-one 100F is also available as a freestanding model.