Practical and much-loved accessories

Whether an attractive fireplace set, lighting aids, firewood or cleaning agents. All these products have something in common: they are practical and extremely helpful.

Fireplace set and stove care and cleaning
Fireplace sets are by far not only practical, but can also set a decorative accent in any living room. A fireplace set usually consists of a shovel and a poker. It is used to move slipped logs in the stove back into the right place and to remove the ashes. There are helpful ceramic glass cleaners for the ceramic glass panes. Grease stains, oil stains or other dirt residues on the outer wall of painted stoves can be easily removed with a special cleaning agent for stoves.

Lighting aids and firewood
Flammator firelighters are a Swiss natural product and are produced in an environmentally friendly way. They have a high energy value and are suitable for wood firing in your stove at home or for outdoor fires. Together with the firewood, you will have a beautiful burning fire in a short time.


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