Gas fires for the home – more beautiful and individual than ever.

Every single one of our gas stoves carries the unmistakeable, multi-award-winning signature of the Attika designers. Under the “Customized” concept, the visual appearance of each of our gas-fired stoves can be coordinated to suit your home. We offer six different stylish colours. What’s more, the modular system allows you to combine a variety of top plates and/or side panels as desired. Why not assemble your own dream model in our stove configurator?


Sturdy design.

Although it isn’t at all necessary for design reasons, we build our gas-fired stoves from sturdy steel plates up to 5mm thick in accordance with quality standards that actually apply for up-market log fires. The result is uniquely substantial gas stoves in tangible quality with an enormously long life.


Harmonious flame pattern.

We install only the best and most advanced gas burners, carrying out an extensive series of tests to calibrate every single one to its own fire box. Together with the handcrafted ceramic imitation logs, that enables us to achieve a level of realism in the flame pattern that is unprecedented for a gas stove. Why not see for yourself in our flame video?


 Gas fires: safe and clean.

Attika gas fires are environmentally friendly and clean as they run on natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (propane), depending on requirements and space. Gas does not produce particulate matter or soot during the combustion process. Solid technology and various safety devices such as overpressure doors, ionisation measurements and safety shutdown systems make Attika gas fires the safest of those currently available on the market. All our gas fireplaces have the CE mark and have been tested and approved by the SVGW (Swiss Gas and Water Association).

Simplest operation.

The touch of a button on a remote control is sufficient to switch the gas fires on and off quickly and easily or to change the height of the flames/heat output. Current settings can be read off the display at any time. As an option, in most models the gas fireplace can be operated using an existing home automation system or via an app on your smartphone or tablet. For you, this means maximum user-friendliness:

  • Your fire will light up immediately at any time – meaning no long waits.
  • The height of the flames and heat output are adapted to your requirements within seconds.
  • No need to touch the appliance = everything stays clean.

Practical features.

All our free-standing gas stoves come with the following useful additional functions:

  • Storage module: To optimise energy efficiency, some of our gas stoves can optionally be fitted with up to 100kg of fireclay on the inside. This stores the heat of the fire and releases it into the room over a period of hours as pleasant radiated heat.
  • Eco mode: Enjoy an enchanting flame pattern while reducing gas consumption.
  • Child lock: Prevent your gas fireplace from being switched on accidentally by inquisitive children.
  • Thermostat function: To stop you getting too hot, tell your gas fireplace what room temperature the heat output is to be reduced to.
  • Countdown function: Set how long your gas fire is to burn for. The burner switches itself off when this time has elapsed.