Attika fireplaces. Premium class.

You can use an Attika fireplace to set the tone in your living space and treat yourself to natural cosy warmth for decades to come.

Minimum emissions and maximum energy-efficiency are the result of our innovative fuel technology. All Attika fireplaces and fireplace inserts are ideally suited to installation in modern, energy-efficient buildings.

Whether you opt for a VISIO, an INSERT or a model from our R series, every one of our fireplace inserts encapsulates 40 years of design experience in a perfect combination of form, material and function. What is an obligation for us means premium quality for you.

VISIO is different. Better!

With VISIO we have created one of the best fireplace inserts available today. VISIO is a stunning new combination of aesthetic and technical attributes. This premium product features a lot of stainless steel and, thanks to state-of-the-art combustion space technology and a compact fire box, achieves a low heat output even when turned up high, making it a winner in well-insulated rooms with low heating requirements. And VISIO sets new standards in many other ways:

  • A clear view of the fire: An efficient glass cleaning system in combination with infrared-coated ceramic glass panels now prevents the build-up of soot more effectively than ever before.
  • The nicest flame pattern: VISIO is a demonstrably better, more attractive fire – or so our satisfied customers throughout Europe tell us every day.
  • Pioneering ecological emission values: Compare the VISIO test results with other fireplace inserts!
  • Smooth-running lift door: Effortless opening and closing with no annoying noise.
  • Dark stained oak door handle:  This chic design element stays cool so it can be touched without gloves at any time.
  • Heat reserve insert©: The clever option for even more energy-efficiency and lower wood consumption.

Do you think tangible quality, a more attractive fire and convenient everyday handling are just as important as contemporary design? Then you should opt for VISIO.

VISIO is available with glass on one side, two sides, or three sides or as a tunnel version.

The infrared coating.

Infrared-coated, heat-reflecting ceramic glass panels allow you to enjoy a fire that uses less wood at a sensibly low heating capacity. In combination with the glass rinse, they also act as a further guarantee of a crystal-clear view of the fire without soot formation. Enjoy the flame display of your stove at any time, with absolute peace of mind.

We are using specialised infrared-coated glass panes in an ever-increasing number of Attika products. Please see the corresponding pictogram.

INSERTS. Linear and clear.

All models from the R-SERIES and the Q-BE INSERT can be incorporated into a living space extremely easily. They stand out for compact design and offer outstanding combustion values. Whether as a confidently stylish investment or as a modern insert for old brick chimneys during renovation work, the space-saving, super-slim fitting dimensions will stand you in good stead – and include maximum levels of energy efficiency.